Saturday, March 02, 2013

This Or That?

On this week's show, we're bringing back and old "Off-Season" favorite and we need your help!

What we need you to do is to give us two choices...

Pick any two related things: two parks, two attractions, two types of park food... anything!

Then, EB and I will have to choose between the two things and make an argument over why one is better than the other.

Of course, you could choose two really great things at the parks, but it might be fun to make us choose between two really awful rides!

You can also go "Off-Topic!" GIve us two things to fight over that have nothing to do with the parks.  Pop Culture, Sports, Wine, Women, Song, Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll.... whatever.

Here are the different ways to contact us:

* Call our voicemail line - 206-339-3360
* Post your idea on our Facebook Fan Page.
* Post your idea on Twitter
* E-Mail Us (the address is to the right of this page)
* Use our Contact Page!

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