Friday, March 29, 2013

Interactive Topic - Your "Opening Day" Traditions

All around the world, our parks are starting to open again.

Here in the United States, Spring Break is in full swing.  So that means that many of us are taking our first steps into the parks after a long winter hibernation.

It's a special moment when we first walk into our favorite theme park after so many months away.  Because of this, each of us has our own unique traditions and customs to mark the occassion.

For this week's interactive topic, we want to hear about your "Opening Day Traditions."

Is there a special ride you head to first?
Do you take a tour around the park to see what has changed?
Do you find your favorite Corn Dog stand and chow down?

Whatever it may be, we want to hear about it. Get your answers in by Tuesday, April 2nd at 8:30pm!

Here are the different ways to contact us:

* Call our voicemail line - 206-339-3360
* Post your idea on our Facebook Fan Page.
* Post your idea on Twitter
* E-Mail Us (the address is to the right of this page)
* Use our Contact Page!

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