Monday, February 25, 2013

Ride Lex Luthor and Be a TV Star!

High Noon Entertainment is producing a brand new Travel Channel show premiering this summer called "RIDE-iculous".

The show travels all over the nation and the world featuring crazy attractions and awesome people riding the rides at the parks.

They are going to be at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA this Wednesday, February 27th shooting the new the Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom ride.

They're looking for good-looking, fun-loving, outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic people to be extras and be filmed riding the ride over and over again.

That's the perfect description of the audience! (I'm guessing most of you are good-looking.)

This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves thrill rides and TV production!  For all extras, the day will start at 9:30am and will go until around 4pm. They'll provide lunch for everyone, and food and drinks throughout the day.

The production company has been given access to the park on a non-operational day, so the park will belong to you! Because it is a non-operational day, the other rides will not be up and running, but it's an awesome experience to see/be part of a Travel Channel shoot and a really fun day!

Anyone who'd like to join in on the fun needs to email Brittany Schoede at this address:

Good luck! Have fun!

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