Thursday, February 07, 2013 #718 - Listener Question Show: Part I

The best thing about this show are the people who listen to it.

They are all fun, passionate people who share a love of theme parks.

They are also one of the most engaged audiences out there.  When we have asked for listener interaction in the past, we always receive interesting and energetic responses.

That's why we love our yearly "Listener Question Shows."

We received a ton of great questions this week.  Actually, we received so many from you guys... we're breaking this show into two parts!

This week, we'll answer questions like:

* If you guys were still bachelors and had your pick of the girls of any of the countries in World Showcase who would you choose?  (Extra degree of difficulty:  No Norway.)

* If you guys could punch one person in the theme park industry who would it be and why?

* What was the most embarrasing thing to happen to you in high school?

* Was the Disney Podcast Guy character based on anyone specifically?  And if so, who?

We'll also spend our "First Drop" segment discussing the best attractions created during the career of Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter.  He announced his retirement last week, so we'll spend some time talking about his legacy and his classic Disney rides.

PLUS, we'll have a Live Trip Report from Disney's Animal Kingdom and the return of the greatest Amusement Industry Game Show ever: THEME PARK SMARTS!!!

Check out all of the show notes and links in our new interactive ZEEN - "In Styleee!" It's brand new for Season Seven!


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1 comment:

Aaron said...

The Yeti does not work because the base that it's attached to is cracked and the force the animatronic exerts would cause even more damage to the structure and lead to an serious accident.

Disney would have to tare down the Yeti's base and the scene building, then rebuild it after figuring out how to work the Yeti without destroying the base again.

That's a lot of downtime for one of the parks few major attractions. So don't expect it to get fixed until Avatar opens.

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