Thursday, January 31, 2013 #717 - Pimp My Park: Disney Edition

Week after week, we get a lot of interesting feedback from you guys.

One listener will write in and say that we need to focus on the regional parks more and less on what's happening at Disney.

An hour later, we'll get an e-mail from someone wanting more talk about the Disney Parks and less about Six Flags and Cedar Fair.

It's impossible to come up with topics that please everyone, but this week we might have one that comes close.

On this week's show, Mike and EB will take a look at things that the regional theme parks can "copy" or "outright steal" from Disney to make the guest experience better for everyone.

The audience steps in with their ideas, as we discuss ways our local parks can improve the family experience.

We'll talk about ride capacity, front-of-the-line programs, food quality, attraction diversity and a bunch of other ideas that might make a trip to Six Flags a little more like a trip to Disneyland.

Plus, we'll have a Live Trip Report from Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and the return of "Off-Topic!"

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that one of the reasons Disney's FastPass system is included with admission is because admission is so high already for Disney. I think of it the same way as how Holiday World jacks up their admission to include free soda/sunscreen. We are paying for the benefits, but they are cleverly disguised.
Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks are always keep value in mind, and so that's the reason they can keep admission prices a little lower.

Aaron said...

In response to table service restaurants in regional parks, here are some great recommendations that I've found on the east coast.

The last time I went to Knoebel's, I had a great dinner at a diner like restaurant. I remember the server being a very friendly local and the food being much more fresh than the overpriced factory food you find at chains like Rainforest Cafe.

And at Cedar Point they have a mediocre sports restaurant inside the park, a short walk outside the park will get you to the TGIFridays at the Hotel Breakers and on the other side has a great restaurant at the marina overlooking the lake.

The problem I have with the fine dining at Epcot is that while they wonderfully fit into the theme of the pavilions, I feel uncomfortable going to a restaurant of that quality wearing appropriate Florida theme park clothing (ponchos, flip flops, fanny packs).

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