Thursday, January 10, 2013 #714 - Rockin' New Years Countdown!

It's the start of a New Year!  Happy 2013!

To celebrate, we'll look forwards and backwards.

We'll take a look at all of the Best New Attractions from 2012 and how they affected parks across the world.

Which rides were hits?  Which ones were misses?  Which one will be crowned the " Best New Attraction of 2012?"  We'll find out on this week's episode.

We'll also have an in-depth discussion about the new RFID initiative that Disney announced this week...MyMagic+.  You'll want to listen closely to what the guys have to say, because Disney's announcement is going to radically change the way you visit their parks.

Mike and EB will give you the scoop on how the FastPass+ system will work and the changes that are coming sometime in 2013.

AND... since it is a New Year's Show, we'll have our 3rd Annual "Rockin' New Years Eve with Bob the Lobster!"

Our own "Crustacean Correspondent" was inside the "Tank at Times Square" to report on all of the happenings at the "Crossroads of the World." He'll countdown to midnight, see the shiny ball drop and maybe even get a kiss from a famous starlet!  Whoa!

All that, plus a Live Trip Report from Dollywood on this week's episode of The Original Theme Park Podcast!

Check out all of the show notes and links in our new interactive ZEEN - "In Styleee!" It's brand new for Season Seven!


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Anonymous said...

I love this new MyMagic+ stuff except for one reason. The proposed interaction during rides, won't that just be distracting? I consider Disney rides to be like a movie that I'm passing through. Only now to have a robot stop and say "Happy Birthday Timmy!". It would really wouldn't make sense for this to happen during a movie so why do it here?

Anonymous said...

I can't speak about any of the other rides, but I have to agree with Wild Eagle. I got to ride it this past year, and I wasn't really that impressed. What it fun? Sure it was! However when it comes to what is there, Thunderhead, Tennessee Tornado, and Mystery Mine all trump Wild Eagle for overall experience.
Great podcast, guys! Can't wait to hear more!

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