Wednesday, December 05, 2012 #709 - Disney Dragons and Haunted Mansions

One of the great things about being a fan of theme parks is getting to know the creative stories and legends behind each attraction.

With all due respect to other theme park companies, no one does this better than Disney.

The story and immersive atmosphere of the "Haunted Mansion" attractions captivate guests around the world.

Recently, a group of filmmakers, special effects artists, composers and actors from Hollywood, California created an amazing short film that brings the lore of the "Haunted Mansion" to life.

On this week's show, we interview Jeremiah Daws and Lisa Livesay from the new short film "Missing in the Mansion."

We'll talk to them about the creative process behind the film, what it was like to shoot at Disneyland during normal park hours and how fans have reacted to what they created.

And speaking of creative things....

We'll talk about the mysterious creature that has been flying in the skies over the Magic Kingdom this week.  Curious fans have been staying up late, trying to catch a glimpse of whatever has been flying over Cinderella Castle each night.

Mike and EB will break down what information is out there and possibly get an official answer to what the creature could be.

Plus, we have a Live Trip Report from Canobie Lake and a whole lot more!

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