Monday, April 23, 2012

Interactive Poll - Stay-cations?

We're going to be experimenting with some new features on the podcast during the next few weeks.

One of them is a weekly poll that we'll feature here on the blog.

You'll have a chance to make your voice heard and then we'll discuss the results on the following show.

Most times, the poll will be about theme parks and thrill rides, but other times it will be about music, movies and pop culture.

Let's kick things off with one about Summer 2012!

A lot of analysts say that this will be another summer that people will be staying close to home.  They say that gas prices will force people into another year of "stay-cations."

How far will you be traveling this year to visit the parks?


Surya said...

I'll be making a 7000km car trip around Europe to visit 6 theme parks in Germany, Spain and Italy :)

Kevin said...

I voted for 500-1000 miles since I already traveled from Ohio to Walt Disney World in January for the Disney World Half Marathon. During the summer season, however, I'll travel less than 250 miles with trips planned to Cedar Point and Holiday World. (Plus my weekly visits to Kings Island.)

Kevin from Ohio

Alex said...

East Lansing, MI to Orlando, FL

Justin Ruka said...

Summer trip this year is to Hershey Park! People are always so negative about the economy - it's a bunch of BS in my opinion.

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