Saturday, November 19, 2011

What are you most (and least) thankful for?

Is it Thanksging time already?

Geeze, wasn't it just Opening Day of the 2011 Theme Park season just a few weeks ago?

Anyway, if it's Turkey Time, that must mean it's also time for the Annual Coaster Radio Thanksgiving Show.

In the past, we've asked you about what attractions you think are "Theme Park Turkeys."  We've also asked you about what you're most "thankful" for in the amusement industry.

This year, we're gonna do both!

For this week's show, tell us about what you're most thankful for and least thankful for at the parks you have visited.

We'll talk about your answers on our next show!

Send us your comments to us by Tuesday, November 22nd at 8:30pm EST by posting them right here on the blog by using the "Comments" link below.  You can also e-mail us your answer by using the address over on the right, write on our Facebook Page or use our Contact Page!

The best option is to call our voicemail line at 206-339-3360. Be a part of the show!


C.Pred said...

Starting with the thing at my home park of Six Flags Great America that I am thankful of is our B&M history. Until recently, we had their first coaster (Iron Wolf), we still have the original inverted (Batman: The Ride), one of the first hyper twisters (Raging Bull), and in 2012 we are getting one of the two US based wing riders (X-Flight).
I guess what I am least thankful for is the later opening date and shorter closing date. In previous years, opening day was in April and now it is in May. I enjoyed the extra weekends of smaller crowds and increased coaster rides.

Universal_Guru said...

I'm thankful for Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Not for bringing Harry Potter to the theme parks, but for the effect it's having all over Orlando. Without Harry Potter we wouldn't have gotten all these expansion and new attractions from other parks this fast. For example, Disney Avatar expansion and rumor 5 gate, Sea World 3 part expansion, Universal Studios side new rumor attraction taking up where the Old Hard Rock Building was, Fun Spot, more secret attraction to compete with HP down the line. This Harry Potter effect has cause competition which is a win for all of us theme park fans, because we getting all this great new stuff.

rush63 said...

I should have read the blog a little closer. I'm thankful that my wife and I can go to a theme park.I "thankful" for WDW which has brought us years of fun and continues to do so. Not thankful that they haven't considered making a WDW in Texas. They have one on each about the third coast.

rush63 said...

I'm thankful Disney hasn't tampered with some of the older rides,not just reimagined ,but total redo. If it ain't broke don't fix it. HM was a cool refurb...don't go nuts though. I can't think of any reason to be not thankful. Go Texans!!!!

Occupy Theme Parks said...

I'm not thankful for the sheep theme parks have made us. What was that crazy CR survey, avg guest spend $4,000 at the parks! Yet, these theme parks still raises ticket prices, serve crapy food, and make lame rides. We need to stop telling theses parks that it's OK to keep giving us the run around. We need to Occupy theme parks

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