Thursday, November 10, 2011 #606 - Mike is a Stupid Idiot!

Yes, it's a strange title for this week's episode... but it will all make sense once you take a listen!

This week, Mike and EB catch up on a bunch of backlogged calls from the Coaster Radio Voicemail Line.

We'll hear what happened to some of our favorite callers over the summer and introduce you to someone who we're sure is going to be a fan favorite.

We also interview Scott Wegener. the author of "Things to do in Theme Park Queues."

Scott has written a book (and a companion smart phone app) that will help even the most impatient person be able to stand the hour-long lines for your favorite rides and attractions.

Plus, we'll have dueling Live Trip Reports and exciting news about upcoming shows and contests!


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Things to Do In Theme Park Queues said...

G'day everyone,
Scott Wegener here, the Things to Do In Theme Park Queues author featured in this week's episode. Any questions (or suggestions) about the book or apps, just post here and I'll do my best to answer them.
And just to clarify: if you want to buy the book version, you can either buy it through amazon (by clicking on the Amazon links to support Coaster Radio) however to claim the discount offer mentioned in the podcast, you'll have to use the Coupon Code link on website - it doesn't work on the Amazon site.

Great show guys!

Stay Dizzy,


Pirate Jenny said...

That caller's negative comments about Indiana Beach made me curious, so I checked-out their website. To me, the place looks great! It has history, all my favorite classic rides and a lake. There's something romantic about the wear and tear of decades of fun in an old amusement park. It's the shiny new steel behemoths that leave me cold. Indiana Beach is now on my list of parks to visit. Thanks Coaster Radio!

Mike Collins said...

You're right, Jenny. Sometimes a place like that is a hidden gem.

If you go, let us know what it was like!

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