Thursday, February 25, 2010 #425 - Listener Question Show

We hit a milestone this week!

It's our 25th show of Season 4!

To celebrate, we welcome back one of the original members of the Coaster cast - FLAVA!

You'll find out where he's been and if he has been paying attention to the new podcast.

This episode is all about your listener questions.

Over the past several weeks, listeners have been using Twitter, Facebook and our forums to send in questions.

Some are theme park related, like... "what rides from a Six Flags park could easily be added to a Disney park?"

Some are personal, like.... "have you ever ridden a roller coaster while intoxicated?"

Some are off-topic, like.... "can you guys help me have more self-confidence?"

But all of them are fun and interesting. You'll also hear some good behind-the-scenes talk about our podcast.

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