Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blustery Boardwalk Trip Report

Molly and I took a weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland to see the ocean resort during the winter.

There was absolutely no one on the beach!

The famous Ocean City boardwalk had a few people on it, but not many!

The Ripley's Museum was closed, but the shark was still impressive.

All of the Pier Rides were shuttered... and quite eerie looking.

The "Looping Star" on the Pier.

There's nothing like playing Skee Ball in the winter.

The arcade was one of the few businesses that were open. But they had an amazing collection of both new and old games.

The Tidal Wave Vekoma boomerang at Trimper's Rides.

The famous Bill Tracy designed Fun House.

This ride was just sitting out in the middle of the parking lot.

The famous Haunted House on the Boardwalk. Unfortunately, it wasn't open.

It was fun seeing this summer resort in it's winter slumber!

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