Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Intimidator at Carowinds

We've been busy with the re-launch of the podcast, so we're behind on some posts.

But I didn't want to let too much time go by without making a few comments on the new Intimidator coaster at Carowinds in 2010.

I love rides like Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, so this is my type of ride.

It seems like it has a ton of airtime hills and lots of good speed.

It's too bad that Cedar Fair didn't give the ride its own unique name, instead of sharing one with Kings Dominion. But, most people won't be visiting both parks. Normal people don't know the names roller coasters that are several hundred miles away!

Anyway, am I crazy to say that I like the looks of this roller coaster more than it's big brother up the road at Kings Dominion?

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