Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cedar Point East?

After Cedar Fair acquired the Paramount Parks a few years ago, I made a prediction that they might try to turn Kings Dominion into the Cedar Point of the east.

EB said it was wishful thinking, only because it was our home park. But I figured that Kings Dominion's close proximity to Washington, DC (one of the largest media markets in the country) might sway them to turn Kings Dominion into a destination park.

This week, they announced Intimidator 305, which has been described by theme park enthusiasts as "Millenium Force's little brother".

You can read the stats in the link above, but the headlines are:

Length of First Drop: 300 feet
Angle of First Drop: 85 degrees
Fastest Speed: Excess of 90 MPH
Ride Time: 3 minutes

Of course, it's only a matter of minutes after a new ride is announced that the CoasterBoys start to complain. The main beef they have this time around is the over-the-shoulder restraints that the ride might have. Apparently, this is so the ride can accommodate "larger" riders unlike Millenium Fouce with it's simple lapbars.

A lot can change between an announcement and the opening day. So we'll see.

At this stage, I'm just happy to have another 300 foot tall roller coaster around. It also doesn't hurt that it's in my backyard!

Join everyone talking about it in the Fourms!

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