Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kennywood in 2010

Kennywood just announced that they are building an LSM launch coaster from Premier Rides for 2010.

The unnamed coaster will feature a launch that will propel you to 50 mph in just three seconds. The ride will also feature two 90 degree drops and three inversions.

This marks the first time riders will go upside down on a Kennywood roller coaster since Steel Phantom became Phantom's Revenge in 2000.

The new ride will be placed on the current site of The Turnpike.

But never fear traditional coasterboys! The loss of The Turnpike is only temporary.
The park plans to move the classic ride to another location.

From the looks of the animation, the ride seems to be a nice fit. It's not too extreme for a family park, yet it still offers some "modern" thrills are currently missing from the coaster lineup.

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