Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Theme Park Diversions - Part 1 - Sea Raycers

There aren't many things that can pull me away from the Magic Kingdom. But one diversion that I have to try every time I'm in Orlando is piloting a Sea Raycer on the Seven Seas Lagoon.

For around $30, you can commandeer your own boat for 30 minutes of fast-paced action.

You don't really go that fast, but because the crafts are small, it seems like you're really moving along quickly.

Plus, the sights can't be beat. As you skip along the water, you can see Cinderella castle, Space Mountain, The Grand Floridian, the Contemporary Resort, the Monorail system as well as other Disney watercraft.

It always surprises me that people sleep on this activity. Just doing it once gets you addicted!

Have you tried the Sea Raycers? Talk about it in the forums.

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