Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bring It On Six Flags!

Last year, I had a chance to sit down by the field during a Washington Redskins game and I was literally 20 feet away from the Redskins' dance team.

I love football, but it was difficult to stay focused on the game. Clinton Portis was rushing for a touchdown right past me, but it was hard to look beyond the "First Ladies of Football" and concentrate on the game.

Now the same damn thing is going to happen when I visit Six Flags.

Mark Shapiro's theme park chain is holding auditions for the First-Ever Professional Theme Park Cheerleading Team, the Six Flags Thrilleaders.

This new dance team will be directed by Tony Gonzalez, who was the Cheer/Dance Choreographer for the "Bring It On" movie series. (I'm not a huge Kirsten Dunst fan, but she was brilliant in that flick. Thank God that TBS runs the movie every 12 hours.)

The press release says that the "Thrilleaders will captivate Six Flags guests with their explosive, high-energy routines and act as Ambassadors of Thrill throughout the Six Flags family of parks."

At first glance, this strikes me as a really strange idea. Why would a theme park chain need an NFL-style dance team? How does a dance team fit in with a regional theme park?

But then I read that the Thrilleaders will also participate in various community, charitable and corporate events. So, they'll be an extension of the Six Flags giant marketing arm.

The auditions for the team are in April. If were were still doing the weekly podcast, I'd see if we could send EB to try out. Yes, its going to be a co-ed dance team and I think he'd have a good chance at making the squad.

It will be interesting to see how this idea is received. You have to give credit to Six Flags for trying out new ideas. BRING IT ON!

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