Friday, January 25, 2008

An idea about the writer's strike....

As most of you know, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has been on strike for several months.

Most of these creative individuals have been spending their days on the picket lines. The only creative outlet they've had is to come up with catchy slogans for their protest signs.

I bet they'd like to contribute something creative to the entertainment industry again. So, I propose an idea.

Someone from Cedar Fair needs to contact some of these WGA writers and get them to come up with some of the new names for former Paramount attractions.

I don't want to be overly critical.... but changing the name of Kings Island's "Top Gun" to "Flight Deck" isn't very creative or fun to say.

I'm no Navy Pilot, but when you're on a Navy aircraft carrier, can you even ride a "Flight Deck"?

In fact, I'm willing to bet that readers of this blog can come up a better name for free.

Anyone care to give it a try?

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