Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here we go....

Even though we're weeks away from officially re-launching CoasterRadio.com as an amusement industry blog.... I figured that we needed a certain amount of posts already online when this thing started up.

So, I'm proud to enter the first ever post on the all-new CoasterRadio.com!

When we started up the show in April of 2005, we were one of the first podcasts on the web and honestly, we didn't know what to expect.

We approached the podcast like a traditional radio show, which some people loved and others hated. But thankfully (and amazingly), a large and loyal audience began to gather each week and we were on our way.

I've always said that the best part about doing the show, besides hanging out with my best friends, is that we got to interact with so many interesting listeners. The majority of the people who listened to the show were laid-back, intelligent fans of theme parks and not the ultra-obsessed nit-pickers that you find throughout most of the theme park enthusiast community.

The audience was always eager to interact with us, whether it be though contests, forums, the voicemail line or any other way they could think of. It was an online community that you could hear!

So, our idea is to bring the same fun and energy that was in the podcast into this new blog. We aren't going to report news, but instead, start discussions. We plan on bringing some of that same interactivity to this new type of "show."

There's going to be more info as we get closer to the official launch date... so let's get started.

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