Friday, May 15, 2015

Layer and Evans Elementary's Coaster Design Project!

For the third year in a row, Layer Elementary and Evans Elementary has asked the listeners of to help them crown a winner in their "Coaster Design Project!"

The elementary school students, under the direction of their teachers (including listener Keith Erickson), have designed amazing roller coasters using No Limits software.

The students are learning about the physics and design of thrill rides while having a lot of fun!

The entries have been narrowed down to six finalists and now it's your turn to vote! Watch all six and then vote for your favorite!  If you want, leave a message for the kids here on the blog or on our Facebook page!

Thanks for voting and for supporting the students at Layer Elementary!


ENTRY #2 - TWISTING ROCKET by Ryan and Thomas

ENTRY #3 - TROKAR by Makenzie and Caeden

ENTRY #4 - THE PURPLE URPLE BURPLE by Gabby and Kaitlyn

ENTRY #5 - WARRIOR'S QUEST by Dominique and Grace

ENTRY #6 - FLAME THROWER by Christian and Jayden


Jeff, Screamscape reader said...

The Purple Urple Burple is by far the best of the finalists. I find the design to be rather original, for I have never seen a floorless coaster that is either launched or a "shuttle" layout. The ride is smooth and has very good pacing. Great work!

Anonymous said...

The Purple Urple Burple is the only one that seemed both entertaining and realistic. The other ones would be too intense and unsafe. I could see something like this in any Six Flags park.

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