Thursday, June 05, 2014 #831 - Hate the Player, Not the Game

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* Mike and EB debate CNN's list of the 12 Game Changing Theme Park Attractions
* A Live Trip Report from Six Flags Magic Mountain
* EB visits Kings Island and wipes out on the Flow Rider
* We talk about the crazy CoasterBoy reaction to EB's Holiday World clue.
* We go live to Layer Elementary School to talk with the kids about their Coaster Design Project!
* Plus a lot more!

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1 comment:

fanboy hater said...

How the tables have turn. Remember all the backlash Robert Niles got from Theme Park Insider when he leak those Harry Potter Diagon Alley plans. Everybody came down on him, and Lance Hart from Screamscape said it best when you had him on your show talking about this. "Sourgrapes"! Those fanboys wanted to be first and yall beat them to the punch. Which is good for you. Coaster Radio needs to show them how is Boss!. I think I know what podcast you talking since a bunch of new theme park podcast have crop up where they all are young "know-it-all" smart pants. They act like they doing you a favor when they get on these podcast talking about leaks and spend most of the time saying very little and calling stuff stupid, dumb, the worst, the death of theme parks.
So, right on to Mike and EB. Show these fanboys that theme parks can be fun to talk about and discover and not something to be cry baby about when they can't be first to show off there so called theme park knowledge.

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