Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Theme Parks are Romantic… For Everyone

By: Justin Martin

With Valentines Day happening last week, love is still in the air.

(Although, it could be just the smell of hot sweat from the guy standing in front of you in line.)

While most of the regional parks are closed, here are some great tips what you can use when going on that hot date to your favorite theme/amusement park.

I apologize in advance for how cheesy these might be.

• Matching shirt - Go to your park, ride a favorite ride, and than get matching shirts of the ride. Then you have something that you can wear the rest of the day, as well as during future trips to the park together. You might get weird stares from other guests in the park, but it's well worth it.

• Buy a Fastpass (or whatever you local park calls it) - Splurge a little. Than you can get to all the rides and not have to worry about waiting in line. While on a date, you want to make sure you are making it memorable, so why make memories about waiting in a queue? Cut the line and have more time doing things you love… Like riding coasters.

• Buy your significant other something without them knowing - There is always something special when you surprise your partner with something that they were not expecting. Even if it’s something as cheesy as a balloon, dinner or a mug, its something that they will remember that you went out of your way to make some magic of your own.

• Finally, Nighttime Spectaculars - This is really the icing on the cake for any date. If your park has some kind of fireworks show, make sure you stay and watch it. Get a prime viewing location, hold your significant other close and enjoy the moment. Nothing is more magical than being with someone special and watching them light up with the night sky.

(I warned you this article would be cheesy.)

So in short, theme parks can be some of the most romantic places around. You get to do something you love (riding roller coasters) with the person you love. It’s a special place that can be the main ingredient of a date you will never forget!

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