Thursday, July 18, 2013 #739 - Podcast Time Machine (Disneyland 1955)

For this week's show you're gonna have to suspend disbelief... and have a lot of imagination.

In fact, this week's episode is our little tribute to imagination.

It's also a tribute to the grand idea that Walt Disney had over 60 years ago... an idea that is still flourishing today.

On this week's episode of, Mike and EB hop in their Delorean Time Machine and head back to July 17, 1955 to watch Walt Disney deliver his Disneyland dedication speech.

Before they do that, they "broadcast live" from 2013 in the area in between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

They talk about the rumored possibility of "Flying Turns" at Knoebels finally opening in August.  They also talk about some major upgrades coming to the "Soarin'" attractions at the Disney Parks and a really cool new tour at Dollywood.

Plus, Dan the T-Shirt Guy gets a major scoop while on a tour at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and answers a long-time question.  Plus, we have a Live Trip Report from Six Flags Great Adventure!

It's all coming up on this very "heavy" episode of

"It's cold! Dam Cold!"

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Aaron said...

Soarin' uses a full size Imax dome screen and the next line of Imax technology will be laser projectors which are supposed to feature the same resolution as film imax and fill up the entire giant screen.

The current line of digital Imax projectors that are used in most multiplexes have duel 2K images that can only fill up 3/4 of the screen needed for Soarin'.

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