Thursday, March 31, 2011 #523 - A Jam-Packed Show!

This week's show is so full of Coaster Radio goodness, it's almost enough for three whole shows!

There's so much going on, it's hard to decide where to begin!

How about we start with naming a winner in the "Day at the Park with Neil" Contest!  NPH is no stranger to winning awards.  So, it's fitting that he calls in to crown a winner in our latest contest.

Mike and EB were absolutely floored by the results.  Let's just say, NPH picked a darkhorse entry!

Next, after months in the planning stages, it's finally time to officially kick off our worldwide charity event -  "Theme Park Change!"

The goal is to encourage theme park fans across the globe to give up one thing from the upcoming theme park season and donate the cost of that item to a worthy charity.

All of the proceeds from this year's event is going to an amazing organization, Project Angel Food.  To learn more about them, the guys are joined by Margaret Steele, Project Angel Food's CEO.

One you hear her interview, there won't be a question on whether or not you'll want to donate.  The good work this group does will make you want to reach for your wallet and join in the "Theme Park Change."

Please, check out the website! Anyone who donates $10 or more is automatically entered into a raffle where they can win one of dozens of excellent theme park prizes!

And of course, we appease the CoasterBoys in our audience with some good, interactive theme park talk!

This week, we talk about specific things missing from your specific home park. listeners from across the world have chimed in to let us know what rides, attractions and other aspects are missing from their local theme parks.

Plus, we have a Live Trip Report from Busch Gardens Tampa!

Or you can listen online by using the podcast player on the right hand side of this page. 

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Anonymous said...

NPH's call this week was easily the greatest thing I have ever heard on any podcast... EVER! You guys took a step towards the podcast Hall of Fame this week!


Tom said...

As far as the Kentucky Kingdom/Kentucky State Fair issue you guys were wondering about, Kentucky Kingdom was closed during last year's state fair, and most likely will be closed this year too. While most of the issues with Six Flags have been resolved, the issues are now with the state government, so don't expect anything to change soon! Consequently, they "expanded" the midway last year as a result of Kentucky Kingdom's closure, but it still pretty much sucked.

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