Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Solid Butt-Kicking Is Good For The Soul

I'm not sure who told me that, but I think about it whenever I'm getting my butt handed to me.

I think about that phrase if I'm having a rough day at work, or losing my shirt at the blackjack table or in this case.... having the blog get its ass kicked in the 2008 Coaster Web Awards.

As of this posting, the blog you are reading right now is only getting 9% of the votes. We're getting PASTED!

I feel like the Libertarian Candidate for President!

Granted, there's still time to make up some ground because the voting runs though December 7th. But for Pete's sake, we're tied for 4th place with the Hard Rock Park Blog, which last time I checked was a site about a closed park!

Now, I'm a realist and can easily concede that The Coaster Critic, News Plus Notes and the Walk in the Park Blog are far superior to what we do here. Those guys spend a lot of time updating their blogs with up to date news, pictures, video and commentary.

My goal has been to forgo news updates and concentrate on witty commentary and interactive conversations through the New Forum Forums. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way far too often and I don't get to devote as much time to as I did during the podcast days.

So I'm all for someone else winning this prestigious award. But......

It sure would be nice to at least have a respectable showing, so if you have an extra second or two, head on over to the voting site and help us save some face. That way, I can hold my head up high next time I see EB.

And before any of the CoasterBoys get their panties in a wad, this post was all in good fun. I really don't care if the blog wins any awards. This is just a hobby and it's always been a blast.

Talk about this in the Forums.

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