Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disney's Birthday Treat

Forgive me for not commenting on this earlier...but you're faithful blogger has been really busy lately. I've basically been living in the edit suite and I spent the last week in Phoenix (which sadly wasn't close to any theme park!) So there really hasn't been much time for pulling together thoughts on the amusement industry.

However, I had to stop what I was doing to comment on the latest marketing effort that was unveiled by Disney last week. The big travel trend these days is the "celebration vacation," where families gather together to celebrate a special day or event.

Starting in January, Disney is inviting all of us to celebrate our birthdays for free at any of its parks. The "What Will You Celebrate?" campaign lasts throughout 2009.
You can even register your birthday ahead of time and customize your special day with a variety of activities. You can find all of the information and start making your plans by visiting disneyparkscelebration.com.

This is BRILLIANT. Because who goes to Disney parks alone? If it's your birthday, you're at least going to take ONE other person with you. And unless it's that person's birthday too, they're gonna have to pay for an admission.

BINGO! Disney just got someone to buy a ticket who might not have made the trip otherwise.

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